In the article with the cover page, Mr. Kakar describes the reasons and how he established Kakar Advocates. He provides details how with extensive background and experience in government and international organizations, Mr. Kakar was able to gain enough experience and inspiration to run his own law firm in the country. He started small with the limited scope of work and expanded its team and working areas by focusing on providing international standard service. He states that “I recognize the need to continuously improve in our services, adapt to new technologies, and ways of fulfilling clients’ needs.”

Mr. Kakar also speaks about challenges the firm and its clients face due to weaknesses in the legal framework and the rule of law in the country. “It is hard to put a cost on non-enforcement of a contract or a joint-venture, and therefore it is extremely important to develop a strong legal framework and clean and competent judicial institutions. The rule of law is a must for a robust and growing formal economy” he is quoted.

Mr. Kakar shares his advice for better business management and the keys to success. Mr. Kakar emphasizes dedication, strong team work and commitment to clear principles. He elaborates:

Success does not come overnight but is usually the outcome of long-fought challenges. Surviving without a capable team is almost impossible in a challenging environment like Afghanistan. Office culture and principles must be in line with those of the staff members to ensure their loyalty and commitment.