Helping you Thrive

Afghanistan offers opportunities. Of strategic global importance, it connects resource-rich Central Asia with the growing economies of South Asia.

As the Afghan economy transitions to a free-market model, Kakar Advocates ensures businesses fully comply with evolving regulations. Our responsive corporate attorneys help you thrive in a competitive environment.

Your ‘Go to’ Advisors

Kakar Advocates can assist at every stage of your business’ life cycle and become your ‘go-to’ trusted advisor. From business formation to expansion, Kakar Advocates will help you achieve your commercial objectives. 

Our corporate services include:

  • Acquiring business licenses. 
  • Setting up the company in the most appropriate legal form.
  • Relationships such as contracts, share transfers, business partnerships and joint ventures.
  • Restructuring including mergers and acquisitions, tax planning, and corporate governance.
  • Commercial agreements, such as articles of association, shareholders agreements, share transfers, and other documents to ensure compliance with Corporation Law.
  • Business closure and Tax Clearance Certificates
  • Disputes, including shareholder and tax disputes and investigations by government authorities.

Global Expertise, Local Solutions

Kakar Advocates has successfully established companies, including branches of foreign companies, and NGOs in almost every sector in Afghanistan, ranging from security companies to humanitarian aid initiatives.

We also help businesses engage productively with government regulatory authorities, such as the Ministry of Finance, Afghanistan Central Business Registry (ACBR), and other key public agencies.

Why Choose Kakar Advocates?

Our experienced attorneys have:

  • Advised globally active corporations on their Afghan subsidiaries.
  • Assisted international companies, including a major hotel chain and large aviation player, with their internal restructuring. 
  • Represented US defense and NATO contractors, with respect to amendments to their company registration.
  • Helped negotiate the shareholder agreement for a consortium that invested in one of the larger mining projects in Afghanistan.