Helping Afghanistan Take Off

The civil aviation sector is vital to landlocked Afghanistan. It drives growth and mobility. The Afghan government, with help from international organizations, is modernizing the sector.

As safety is of course paramount in aviation, efforts are hampered by multiple regulatory challenges. Which is where we come in.

Common obstacles include security concerns, rising compliance costs, and increased competition in the aviation industry. Our attorneys at Kakar Advocates offer solutions.

What Aviation Legal Services do we offer?

  • Legal advice on international and local aviation regulations.
  • Advice on compliance with airworthiness and flight operation standards.
  • Structuring transactions for sale, purchase, and lease of aircrafts.
  • Establishing aircraft fractional ownership, tax issues and lease arrangements.
  • Preparing aircraft engine maintenance and operating agreements.
  • Engaging the Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority (ACAA) and other state authorities.
  • Providing legal services to obtain licenses and renewal of permits for air carriers.
  • Insurance coverage and operating disputes, including accidents and claims.

Who do we work with?

Kakar Advocates provide unparalleled legal services to domestic and international operators. We represent clients operating in commercial airports in Afghanistan in a broad range of commercial, regulatory, and litigation matters.

Flying High

National and international airlines turn to Kakar Advocates thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the aviation sector in Afghanistan.

We’ve advised on a wide breadth of aviation law, from aircraft leasing and de-registering aircraft to criminal law involving accusations of smuggling, theft, and other offenses.

Successful clients include:

  • A national airline with a fraud investigation involving the lease of aircraft.
  • A major international airline on tax treatment on revenue from activities in Afghanistan.
  • Domestic airlines on contract disputes with service providers, vendors, and competitors.