Smart Solutions

Disputes are human nature. Every business relationship has the potential for conflict. How you manage it matters.

Trials are public, pricey, and drawn out. Even petty cases can damage relationships, reputations and eat up huge sums of money, time, and emotion.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) can nip lawsuits in the bud. It’s cheaper, speedier, and less stressful than litigation.

We Listen to Your Needs

We provide negotiation, mediation, and arbitration solutions for:

  • Commercial and financial disputes, including commercial fraud and asset tracking.
  • Breach of contracts, such as transactional claims and breach of warranties.
  • Shareholders disputes.
  • Employment, including a wrongful dismissal.
  • Logistics, transport, and insurance coverage disputes.

Our expertise spans a wide range of sectors and industries, namely:

  • Finance and Banking.
  • Aviation.
  • Mining and Energy.
  • Telecommunications.
  • Tech, fintech, and cybersecurity.
  • The Media, including broadcast and publishing.
  • Government entities.

Who does Kakar Advocates Represent?

Our expert Dispute Resolution attorneys have worked on major, international and complex cases in the private and public sector, including proceedings involving government agencies.

We operate worldwide, collaborating with our specialized partners at centers in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, London, and the United States.

Client Focused, Results Driven

Our experienced ADR attorneys help avoid reputational damage to your business. 

Kakar Advocates have successfully negotiated resolutions for:

  • Multinational corporations on contractual, financial, and tax disputes. 
  • A civil aviation service provider.
  • Mining and energy provider companies
  • Afghan governmental agencies.