Saleem Alkozai is a multifaceted and highly experienced Government Relations and Executive Director. He has extensive experience in complex corporate dispute scenarios. In particular, his focus is on taxation, company formation, and restructuring, customs, and duties among other corporate matters.

His ability and understanding of government bureaucracy place him most suitably in a position to liaise with governmental entities to find the most suitable and effective solution to clients.

Mr. Alkozai has also left his mark in the public sector by making significant contributions towards government policy and strategy. His experience in the public sector extends from the office of the Economic Advisory to the President, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Ministry of Education, United Nations Development Programs, and Kabul University along with many cross-ministerial roles.

He is trained in managing large-scale donor-funded development, capacity building, and reform projects for the government of Afghanistan and has played a key role in the direction and implementation of some of the nationally important projects, including Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS) 2008-2012.

As Government Relations and Executive Director, Mr. Alkozai brings invaluable insight and experience to the team. He has led and provided direction to some of our most successful corporate dispute settlement efforts that have achieved the desired outcome for our clients. His strategic vision and direction to the team have best positioned us to better understand and respond to client needs. His outstanding business acumen and communication skills have contributed to positioning Kakar Advocates as one of the top law firms in Afghanistan.

Mr. Alkozai led the international business conference and was also part of the organizing members of intergovernmental international conferences on Afghanistan in Paris, London, Tokyo, and Delhi.

Mr. Alkozai adds value to the team through his outstanding interdisciplinary knowledge and extensive work experience in Afghanistan, coupled with his strong government relations. Mr. Alkozai combines administrative and policy expertise with a firm understanding of Afghanistan’s public and private sector dynamics. His dedication and attention to detail are an asset as the Firm’s presentation and government liaison tasks.


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