Lessons in Law

Kakar Advocates offer inspiring professional legal training delivered by our experienced team.

Know Your Rights

Our Legal Awareness training is designed to empower community leaders, civil society organizations, legal aid providers, and marginalized groups, including women. Specialized topics include regulatory compliance, anti-corruption, and best practice.

Law-making in Action

Legislative drafting is a bedrock for political, economic, and social change. Our attorneys have years of experience preparing legislation for Parliament and numerous legislative bodies. Learn from the best on how to develop draft legislation, understand legislative committees and prepare reports.

Advocates for Change

A donor-funded project, this training is specifically designed for NGOs, charities, professional associations, and other civil society organizations.

Our training in Legislative Monitoring helps civil society organizations actively engage in the legal system and public policy. It aims to support them to advocate for reform in the justice sector, improve the lives of citizens and promote democracy. This has a particular focus on criminal law, including the Penal Code. Liaising with the Ministry of Justice, Parliament, and others, we aim to improve dialogue with civil society and law reform institutions.

Legal Aid - Access to Justice

Kakar Advocates’ attorneys pro-actively support legal aid for those who can’t afford legal advice. As well as working to remove barriers to justice, we’ve also been active in anti-corruption efforts in the community.

Our team supports large-scale projects to improve transparency and raise awareness of people’s rights. We can help capacity build your organization, develop policy and procedures, and carry out reviews and evaluations to improve legal compliance.

Strengthening the Rule of Law

Judicial reform plays a central role in Afghanistan’s efforts to strengthen the rule of law.

Kakar Advocates offer consultancy services to judicial bodies. With our attorneys’ extensive experience analyzing government and judicial systems, we can help conduct revisions of court rules and develop and update case management and tracking systems.

Shaping Strategy

Kakar Advocates keeps track of Afghanistan’s ever-changing regulatory and legal developments. We actively engage with government and community leaders. As such, we advise clients on their medium and long-term strategies. Our expert attorneys offer bespoke consultancy services to help your organization increase capacity.

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