Kakar Advocates has been working continuously in Afghanistan since 2013, and we are committed to assisting the population and the country as they strive to revive the economy. Over the past year, we have focused our efforts on facilitating the flow of critical humanitarian assistance by enabling international and national aid organizations to obtain or renew business licenses, hire staff, manage tax affairs, lease property, transfer resources, and deliver assistance to the needy.

We have also been assisting the private sector to operate in the new challenging environment. We have conducted a thorough assessment of the private sector identifying major gaps and areas of interventions, and have advised clients in the telecommunications, banking, energy, and other sectors. Our experts are constantly monitoring changes in the laws, regulations, and procedures to ensure that we and our clients are aware of new developments in real-time.

We are grateful to our clients and partners for their continued recognition of our efforts as highlighted by this year’s Band 1 ranking of the firm and its key attorneys.

Chambers and Partners writes:

"Kakar Advocates is very responsive and works well with deadlines, providing clear advice that accounts for nuance and relevant cultural and commercial aspects."

Kawun Kakar is the managing partner of the firm and is well-versed in advising international and local clients on various matters, including dispute resolution, mining, land, employment, and tax. He is able to leverage strong local connections and experience across a wide range of sectors. "He is calm, clear, knowledgeable, responsive and helpful."

Thomas Kraemer is highly experienced in advising international and local clients including NGOs and corporates. He has a thorough knowledge of corporate, employment and mining sector matters. He is a US-qualified attorney. "He remained a valuable resource even during difficult and uncertain times." "Tom provides clear advice which meets our needs."

We remain committed to and will continue our efforts for the benefit of the people of Afghanistan.