The event was convened in Istanbul, Turkey, on September 5, 2022, with participation from UN agencies, donor organizations, and private sector representatives. The Managing Partner of Kakar Advocates also participated in the event.

During the conference, the World Bank shared the findings of its Private Sector Rapid Survey Round 2, published on the same date (click the link to read the Press Release and Full Report:

The Private Sector Rapid Survey concludes that although the private sector in Afghanistan has been resilient in the face of numerous challenges over the past year, the economic future remains uncertain due to, among other things, increasing poverty, decreasing demand for consumer goods, lack of foreign investment and the current financial sector crisis.

IFC, in a bid to support the private sector and business membership organizations' advocacy efforts, announced its new initiative which will be implemented in partnership with the Harakat-AICFO (Harakat-Afghanistan Investment Climate Facility Organization). IFC, through Harkat-AICFO, will hold extensive consultation meetings with all Chambers, BMOs, Associations, and leading businesses and international development agencies on the design, structure, and representation of the private sector. This entity will be a private sector-led advocacy body that will also coordinate on issues on the private sector development -- among the private sector, international development agencies, public authorities, and other major stakeholders.