At Kakar Advocates, we have received many requests from international and national clients for assistance in establishing and maintaining online platforms. In particular, we have received inquiries related to the registration of media companies, gaming regulations, credit cards, electronic money transfers, electronic payments, and other similar services. In addition to licensing and registration questions, clients increasingly are seeking advice related to permissible and impermissible content, labeling, subscription terms, and protection of intellectual property.

As more international organizations are looking to expand their e-business and e-tail platforms into Afghanistan, it is becoming crucial that Afghanistan has appropriate, international-standard regulations and procedures in place. The clearer the rules and requirements of doing business in the country are, the more it will encourage the investors to invest in the country.

Afghanistan has taken some steps in developing legal standards for such platforms. The Central Bank has taken the lead in updating and modernizing its regulatory framework for the online banking sector. The Afghanistan Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (ATRA) also has started drafting laws and regulations for regulating social media and online gaming platforms.